Application process

The EUCF application process is based on the principles of simplicity, flexibility and transparency. The process consists of 2 steps: eligibility check and full application.

The EUCF funding is eligible for municipalities / local authorities and groupings of municipalities / local authorities.


Eligibility check for applicants

The application process includes an initial short eligibility check before applicants start to complete a full application form. Thanks to this automatic check, applicants will know, very early in the process, whether they are eligible or not for the EUCF support. If they are not eligible, the check can save important internal resources. This step will cover the legal status, existence of energy and climate binding plans or political commitment. To be eligible, applicants must answer YES to all questions of the check. Supporting documents are not required at this stage.


The full application

After successfully passing the eligibility check, the applicant completes the online full application form in the Facility Management Platform (FMP). The application form consists of a simple set of questions and a section to upload required documents. The applicant will have to briefly explain the envisaged project they intend to develop in terms of investment and energy impacts, governance robustness of the city or grouping, stakeholder engagement and alignment with EUCF objectives.


Guidlines for applicants (coming soon)

Access the simple, fast-track application here